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D'Addario EXP170 Coated

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D'Addario EXP170 Coated NPS

EXP Extended Play

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€ 29,95

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D’Addario’s EXP Extended Play Coated Bass Guitar Strings are nothing less than amazing. They’re coated, but they feel, look and sound identical to traditional bass guitar strings. So why play coated strings if they feel, look, and sound the same? Because they LAST LONGER! The coating keeps all the sweat, oils, acids, and other nasty grime out of the windings of your strings. The secret to D’Addario’s success with EXP strings lies in the manufacturing, of course. An ultra-fine layer of EXP coating is applied to the nickel-plated wrap wire before the wire is wound around the high-carbon steel hex core. Because the wrap wire is coated first, and then wound onto the core wire, the string retains the feel and sound of a regular nickel-plated steel string, sounding fresh and bright. The "new string tone" lasts three to four times longer than traditional guitar strings.

Extra informatie

Korte omschrijving EXP Extended Play
Beheerder D'Addario
Windings Roundwound
Tension Normal
Gauge Medium Light
Materiaal Nickelwound Coated
Instrument Electrische Basgitaar
Garantie 12 maanden
Prijs € 29,95
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